trading instruments

LegacyFX has a wide range of trading instruments in the form of commodities, indices, stocks, options, Forex, currencies and precious metals. These instruments can be traded in both the Forex market and the stock market. For this reason, the Forex broker (LegacyFX) is known to be a company that is very much used by a lot of Forex traders.

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Transparency is one of the major features of LegacyFX. It provides Forex traders with access to every required information concerning finance reports, price levels, Forex market depth, and basic trading tools. Transparency is a feature of LegacyFX and a strong indicator of the firm’s growth.

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Demo trading account

LegacyFX offers a demo trading platform for forex traders. A demo trading account gives forex traders the ability to ascertain the functionality and features of LegacyFX before involving fully into a live trading system. It also provides an adequate medium for trading skills evaluation and upgrades.

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Our Approach

At Legacy FX our mission is to empower our clients and help them develop optimal trading strategies. We offer the largest variety of assets and best possible investment terms.

LegacyFX believes that knowledge is power and that transparency breeds trust. As brokers, our vision is to make trading accessible to all by offering ongoing support & educational resources.

As such, we firmly believe that by providing the best tools, latest news, and comprehensive research we enable our clients to make informed decisions using the most transparent platforms available.

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NEW! Algo-trading

LegacyFX Algo-trading experts will find you the best Algo-trading robot,
so you will be able to make the time for other things, while your trades will be executed professionally, accurately, 24/7.